Praise Report: Freed of Years of Sexual Sins

I struggled with masturbation from the age of eight. For a long time, it was a shameful secret. As a female, the thought of seeking counsel in my church was horrifying, and I knew there was no help for me out in the world.

Throughout the years, I tried to stop, but I was never successful for more than a few days. The urge became stronger and stronger, eventually leading to pornography. Many times, over the years, I wondered if true freedom was possible.

When I was thirty-six, my dad, who did not know about my struggle, sent me a YouTube clip of Joseph Prince’s message “How to Overcome Lust and Temptation.” While watching it, something instantly changed in me. Somehow, the desire for pornography and masturbation just fell away.

For the first time in my life, I am free from pornography and masturbation. The desire is totally gone, and I have remained truly and totally free for a year now. All praise be to God!

Lauren | Arizona, United States