Praise Report: Excruciating Pain In Knee Gone After Pleading The Blood Of Jesus

On a recent Saturday, I had a bad fall at home. I heard a cracking sound from my knee and I was in excruciating pain because my knee was hurting very badly. I thought that I would have to be admitted to the hospital, but I promptly remembered the significance of Jesus’ blood as taught in Pastor Joseph Prince’s Destined To Reign book.

So I sat down, closed my eyes and started pleading the blood of Jesus over my knee, which was still in a lot of pain. In just a few minutes, the excruciating pain left my knee and I was able to attend church service the next day. I even jumped during the praise and worship session. All glory to Jesus alone!

Thank you, Pastor Prince. My family and I have been tremendously blessed by your book.

Suhrullekha Mutyala | India

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