Praise Report: Healed Of Asthma And Allergies

A little over five years ago, I was healed of asthma and allergies. It happened one morning after I had dropped my sons off at school.

I had returned home and was in need of a breathing treatment. My plan was to get the breathing machine set up while waiting for Joseph Prince’s webcast to come on. I was ready to go with the breathing machine, but I could not get the computer to load. It was running very slowly. By the time the computer finally loaded, the program was ending.

Please understand that I had been living on Pastor Prince’s teachings for some time and I really looked forward to hearing another of his message. So I was really frustrated and disappointed that I pretty much missed the program. I began to cry and scream. I told my heavenly Father I wanted to be healed of the allergies and asthma. I wanted to know His love for me. I wanted this healing and I had no intention of going anywhere until I got it.

I felt like the woman with the issue of blood. As I prayed, kneeling with my face pressed into my couch, I thought to myself, “How can I get close enough to touch Him? If only I can touch Him, I will be healed.” I felt like I was trying to press through the crowd to get to Him.

All of a sudden, I began to feel sensations in my chest—it was beginning to clear.

Immediately, I thanked Him for the improvement. I just kept saying, “Thank You, thank You, Lord.” My breathing became easier and clearer. I also asked for no more wheezing.

In a moment, I felt as if Jesus took my hands and lifted me up. I came to a standing position and as I stood up, I realized that my whole body felt great. I felt taller and had the sensation of walking on a cloud. It felt like there was a bubble of purified air all around me. I also felt Jesus near me and I remember being in awe of His height. I never took a breathing treatment that day and I have never needed another one since. It all went away.

The preaching of the abundance of grace and of the gift of righteousness has changed my life. I know that because of Jesus’ finished work at the cross, I am always right with God and because of that I have peace with Him, and His love and joy fill my heart.

I know that I am the righteousness of God in Christ Jesus, and I know that He loves me and always hears my prayers. I have been greatly blessed in many areas of my life—my marriage and family relationships, work, and finances. I know that my Abba Father wants me to prosper and be in health just as my soul prospers.

Thank you, Pastor Prince, for your faithfulness to preach the gospel of grace. May our Abba Father continue to richly and abundantly bless you and your beautiful family!

Michele Walsh | Indiana, United States


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