Praise Report: Fresh Graduate Promoted to Senior Role

Pastor Prince, I’m twenty-one this year and recently graduated from college. I grew up under the impression that I needed to achieve certain things to be successful and strived throughout my late teenage years to achieve my goals. What I did not realize was that I was tying my identity to my achievements. I depended a lot on my self-efforts, and needless to say, I failed a lot.

During my time in college, I experienced some failures that crushed my dreams and left me broken. I felt like I had lost my identity. It was during this time that God introduced me to your channel on YouTube. As I kept listening to the gospel, the Lord started to heal and restore me.

At the beginning of the year, you revealed the theme of the year to be the year of rest and acceleration. By that time, I had already accepted a job offer from a reputable company and knew what my designation would be. In the natural, as a fresh graduate with no experience, I couldn’t see how God could accelerate my career.

It was also around this time that God started speaking to me from the story of Joseph in the Bible. The Lord made me realize that success is not about my achievements but having His presence with me. I stopped caring about how well I performed and started resting in the fact that Jesus is with me and that I am already successful.

On my fifth day of work, my manager called to offer me a senior position even though I was hired for a different role initially. I did not know such a role even existed as I was completely new to the corporate world then. Later I realized that to get promoted to the senior role from the position I was hired for, it would have taken me at least six to eight years. Everyone else in that senior role had worked for at least ten years before they were offered the promotion.

Jesus accelerated my career before it even began! Many of my colleagues told me I’m fortunate to be offered this senior role as a fresher. I don’t know how it happened, but I know Who did it for me. To Jesus be all the glory!

Harish Iniyarajan | India