Praise Report: Back pain gone

I have been suffering from pain in the tailbone and hip area for the past eight months. Both sitting and standing have caused significant discomfort. Despite undergoing treatments, the pain remained excruciating, with neither sitting nor standing offering much relief.

Earlier in the year, I underwent several X-rays for my condition, and the doctor noted that the 5th cervical vertebra showed signs of degeneration, and the tailbone displayed a slight misalignment, which may have caused the pain in the hip muscles. He scheduled another scan for me in February 2024.

On Sunday, January 7, 2024, when Pastor Prince prayed for someone with pain in the tailbone and hip area, I stood up and moved my hip. To my surprise, I could barely feel the pain. Over the next few days, I cautiously observed and realized that the Lord had truly healed my lower back. All glory to Lord Jesus!

A brother from Singapore