Walk And Talk With Jesus

…I have called you friends, for all things that I heard from My Father I have made known to you.

John 15:15

Where you find a healthy friendship, you’ll find open communication. And that’s what the Lord wants with you. He wants you to come and talk to Him whether or not you are in the “right” mood.

Jesus will always listen. When you are happy, talk to Him. When you are angry, you can talk to Him too. In fact, it’s better that you talk to Him when you’re angry so that you won’t fly into a rage and do something you’ll regret. Let His peace swallow up your anger.

Even when you are struggling with a temptation, you can talk to Jesus about it.

My friend, He is God and He knows what you are thinking. And when you are open and transparent about it with Him, you allow His grace and wisdom to fill you. This will empower you to overcome the temptation. You’ll begin to see the situation through His eyes and walk in His wisdom.

Beloved, talk to Jesus about everything. When something unexpectedly good happens to you, see Him behind it and thank Him for His favor. When He paints a rainbow or a beautiful sunset in the sky, tell Him that you love how He put it there just for you. Cultivate that friendship with the Lord. You’ll find even the mundane things of life pregnant with divine meaning and purpose. Everyday life will become precious to you!

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  • Xoliswa says:

    Amen I just want to say hello and tell you that this ministry is blessing my life in a wonderful way I experience a peace I never knew just know I am behind you in prayers and I’m even praying that God will open a platform for me to preach grace cause my church cancelled Sunday school for some reason can this be an attack from the devil!

  • Rahul Gude says:

    Praise the Lord Pastor

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