Praise Report: Supernatural Provision And Debt Cancelation

This is a testimony of God’s supernatural provision, direction, favor, debt cancellation, and His general awesomeness!

I had been a live-in nanny for two years and was very frustrated with my job. I was working at least sixty hours a week for a lovely but very busy family. I did pretty much the same things every day, but depending on where my mind’s focus was, I could either be filled with joy over God’s goodness or near tears with my less than glamorous life.

I finally decided to quit after months of struggling with resentment toward my work and employers. I let them know that I would be leaving, but rather than see me go, they allowed me to choose my working hours and what I wanted to work on. They told me I was too important to them and that they would hire someone else to do the rest as long as they did not lose me. Praise God for His favor!

I thank God that whenever there was a conflict between myself and my employers, I bit my tongue instead of defending myself. The lady of the house let me know that she considered me irreplaceable, and I think a huge part of that was not being petty and argumentative even when I was wronged. I always let God represent me.

So I decided to work only a few hours in the morning and have the rest of the day free. My employers agreed to this happily! I almost felt bad because I was doing so little, but they were overjoyed to still have me work for them. The only problem was that because my hours were so few, I received only room and board. I had no income with this new arrangement.

I prayed and asked God about what I should pursue, since I didn’t want to take another nanny job. I felt led to know His Word better, even though finding income was primarily on my mind. In the end, I decided to prioritize His Word by faith, because it is written in the Bible that the righteous of God shall not be forsaken, nor shall his descendants beg for bread (see Ps. 37:25).

In September 2013, I spent my days studying the Word and enrolled in a small Bible school that I believe God led me to. Even though there were now more payments with this arrangement, God provided for me every week. People I barely knew blessed me with practical provision, and my bosses paid me to fill in for the new nanny who often couldn’t make it for work.

Every week, I received just the right amount of money for my payments and daily needs. My employers were also so grateful I was always able to help when needed that they gave me a big Christmas bonus! Out of the blue, they also asked if I wanted a higher hourly rate for any extra babysitting. So I got a raise! Thank God for His favor! God was able to supply my needs and I still had plenty of time to study the Word.

I remembered that at the beginning of the year, one of my three requests to God (for the year) was to be debt-free. However, it was already year-end (December) and the debt was still not cleared. Basking in God’s love and strength, I reminded God of my request and asked to be free of my debt of $11,000. I believed nothing was impossible for Him and that I would receive my miracle not a day after December 31.

I meditated on how my request had already been met by Jesus’ finished work at the cross and that God had provided for all my needs. I felt peace just believing that I already had the money. I didn’t imagine how it would happen, but just left the details to Him.

Two days later, I got a text from my sister. It said to check my email and call her to cry. Naturally, I thought it was bad news. I checked my email and saw that it was from my aunt. I couldn’t remember the last time I spoke to her.

My aunt was letting my siblings and I know that our grandmother had too much money to qualify for some sort of assistance she needed in her nursing home. As such, a large sum of money was being arranged to be transferred to my grandmother’s heirs—my aunts and my mother. Since my mother had passed away, that money came to my siblings and me instead.

A few days later, on December 9, I received a check for over $16,000. This incident proved once again that with God, nothing is impossible. I was reminded of Pastor Prince’s message about how God could use the laws of a country/region to help His people. My debts were all paid in one day, and I also had enough leftover for Christmas shopping. God is good!

Pastor Prince, thank you for your ministry!

Haile Hendricks / Maryland, United States


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