Praise Report: Supernatural Healing And Freedom From Mental Torment

I truly thought I had arrived after graduating from Bible College with a double major in Biblical Studies and Philosophy. However, I noticed that the more I studied the Bible, the more questions I had. I thought it was normal.

As the years passed, I became increasingly tormented in my mind with blasphemous thoughts and horrific images about our Lord. I also harbored unfounded, negative thoughts about my husband. This grew worse over the next twenty-five years. Eventually, I sought help from psychiatrists and underwent years of psychotherapy.

However, after years of medication and therapy, I realized I did not have mental illness but was experiencing a spiritual battle. With all my college education on Christianity, I was not equipped with any resources to deal with this warfare that was tormenting my mind.

About six months ago, I was woken up by my television set that was left on. Pastor Prince was on a program and he was talking about his book, The Power of Right Believing. I was so enthralled by what I heard that I decided to buy the book and dived right into it. When I read the book, I saw a vision of the divine exchange that took place at the cross—His righteousness for my sins—and I was overwhelmed! Tremendous freedom followed this experience.

From that day on, I followed every one of Pastor Prince’s sermon telecast on TV and bought dozens of his CD and DVD sermons. Pastor Prince, your teachings have spoken to me and taught me the gospel of grace that I had never learned in Bible College. The more I listened to your teachings, the more I thirsted for the Word of God and the fewer questions I had about the Bible. As I read your books and listened to your teachings, miraculous things began to happen in my life.

During one of your TV sermons, the healing anointing was so strong, I began to pray that God would replace those blasphemous and horrific thoughts I had with beautiful thoughts about our Lord. I also prayed that God would restore my trust in my relationship with my husband and bring back those memories of the day we took our marital vows. Almost instantly, images of our wedding day filled my mind and I could see the smiles on our faces and those around us.

Since that day, I’m no longer tormented in my mind. My mind is filled with love for Jesus Christ and my husband. Hallelujah, praise Jesus for the healing of my mind!

Patricia Jenckes Zitano |Rhode Island, United States

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