Superabounding Grace For Your Life (3/3)

If you are feeling discouraged and burdened by the shortcomings you have, fret not! God’s superabounding grace is available to you to transform you or your situation beyond your wildest dreams. In this three-part series, Joseph Prince shows you why God will still supply you with His grace even when you have failed and how you can receive it. Learn also how God can still use you for His glory despite your past mistakes.

Grace—The Answer To Your Weakness

When you are honest with the Lord about your weaknesses and inabilities, and you turn to Him for help, He will lead you out of your valley into a place of freedom, provision, and victory. He will rest, restore, and bless you beyond all you can ask of Him. Jesus’ superabundant grace and miracle-working power will do for you what you cannot do for yourself.

His grace is sufficient for you and His strength is made perfect in your weakness.

You will see His grace sufficient for you and His strength made perfect in your weaknesses (2 Cor. 12:9). Let me share with you a powerful testimony that bears out this truth.

A precious brother from New Zealand wrote to me to share how God in His grace had delivered him from several long-term addictions. Even after he was saved, this man still battled with pornography, masturbation, and nicotine addiction. He knew that as a Christian, he shouldn’t be doing these things, so he felt extremely guilty, condemned, and far from God.

He hated living this double-life and tried everything he could to break free of these addictions. But despite his best efforts, he failed time and again whenever his willpower ran out. For more than 10 years, he struggled with this frustrating, lonely battle.

Then, everything began to change for him when he was introduced to and kept receiving God’s superabounding grace. He wrote:

Pastor Prince, God has worked miracles in my life since I finished reading your book, Destined To Reign. I used to smoke a packet of cigarettes a day and tried many times to stop but with no success.

But within two months of reading Destined To Reign, I just lost all desire for cigarettes. I don’t even crave them like other times when I tried stopping out of my own efforts. All glory to God!


I had tried for more than ten years to get victory, and all it took was for me to know the truth and rest in Jesus’ finished work at the cross.


Through God’s grace, I’ve also been set free from my sexual addictions. Although it’s only been a short time of eight or so weeks, it really is massive to me because this has been something that I tried so hard to break. It has been so effortless too.

I just decided to rest in Jesus’ finished work, His forgiveness, His victory, His grace and His love, and pornography and masturbation now have no power or dominion over me.

It truly is awesome especially because I had tried for more than ten years to get victory, and all it took was for me to know the truth and rest in Jesus’ finished work at the cross.

That’s not all. After being out of a job for about four months, this brother also found a new sales job that he excels in, and he credits this blessing as well as his excellent sales performance to the Lord’s unmerited favor. Today, this brother is enjoying a life of freedom, peace, and rest:

I now understand what it means to be under grace and how to rest in Jesus’ finished work. Now, instead of being sin-conscious, I am constantly conscious of my forgiveness and I always declare that I am the righteousness of God in Christ.

I had always treated righteousness like a reward and tried to earn it through my works, but now I know that I have received the gift of righteousness through the work of Jesus at the cross.

Knowing that God’s grace is greater than my sin, and knowing that I no longer have to fight for victory but that I can rest in HIS victory and reign in life, have been so empowering and awesome…Today, I have a peace inside of me that I have never had before. I feel so free and have a confident expectation of only good things to come my way!

Beloved, that’s the power of right believing. When this brother heard and believed the truth about God’s grace, it produced a lifestyle of holiness that all his willpower, self- condemnation, and self-effort could not accomplish. That’s the power of the gospel!

If, like this brother, you want to see God’s strength made perfect in your weakness, then I encourage you to keep hearing and growing in your revelation of God’s abundant grace.

And as you do, see yourself walking in victory over your weakness. See yourself walking in Jesus’ liberty, free from the yoke of that bondage and not even having any desire for it anymore, just like this precious brother. See yourself transformed and walking as a new person with new godly desires to glorify God in your body and life!

By Grace Through Faith

Whether you’re going through a tough time or dealing with a weakness in yourself, God wants you to understand that it’s when you are weak that you are strong through His grace and the miracle-working power of Christ (2 Cor. 12:10).


The more we receive His grace and thank Him for it, the more we will experience His grace superabounding in our areas of weakness.


The more there is weakness, attack, or sin, the more there is His superabounding grace to provide for, deliver, and transform you until that area of weakness becomes an undeniable example of His goodness, favor, and awesome plans for you.

Our part is simply to keep looking to Jesus, to keep meditating on His finished work, and to keep seeing by faith the transformation we desire to experience. The more we receive His grace and thank Him for it, the more we will experience His grace superabounding in our areas of weakness.

Beloved, let’s cease from all self-efforts and not be hesitant in turning our weaknesses over to God and His transforming grace. As we choose to believe that His grace has already been released in overwhelming measure in our trials and areas of weaknesses, this huperperisseuo grace will deliver and radically transform us for His greatest glory!

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  • Hamilton maganga says:

    I thank God for his grace am born again Christian .I have been also struggling with ponography. and I failed to stop this habit. but since I came across to Joseph Prince preaching am transformed.I do struggle with it sometimes. especially in mind.but I tune to Joseph Prince preaching. because I have videos in my computer so when I wantch its am charged the feeling left me.I thank God and I believe this habit will stop by Gods grace

  • anne says:

    Changed and transformed by his grace. Thanks for this article. How can i get the book born to reign. want more of the article.

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