Step Into God’s Greater Glory (Part 3/3)

Do you know that God wants you to step into a greater measure of His blessings and breakthroughs? Find out how you can shine with God’s greater glory upon your life and be a testimony of His grace, even when the world seems to get more uncertain.


Winona is a precious sister from South Africa, whose family has a great testimony in the area of provision.

Winona’s husband was a stud farm manager for thoroughbred horses in South Africa. A dark season descended upon them when the company he worked for teetered on the brink of insolvency. He was often paid late and didn’t receive the commissions owed to him. Before long, all his savings were exhausted to keep the family afloat. With a very specialized job in an industry that was at an all-time low due to a bad economy, and with age not on his side, the future of this family seemed even more uncertain and worrying.

But it was during this difficult time that Winona and her husband started taping my broadcasts and watching them very early before work every morning and again 
in the evenings. They also listened to my podcasts daily, read my daily devotionals, and meditated on God’s Word. And God’s glory began to manifest in their lives. Winona wrote to me excitedly to share how her husband was unexpectedly offered the best job in the country to manage an established stud farm. The whole industry was amazed, as he was the only person interviewed for the position. And at the time of writing, they had just sold a horse for half a million rand (about US$46,000)—more than what they could ask or imagine!

God will never abandon His children.

Can you see God’s good opinion of the couple in blessing them? While the scenario looked bleak, He didn’t abandon His children and allow them to remain in the darkness. He cared and provided for them abundantly, causing them to shine with greater glory even though deep darkness covered the industry they were in. That’s our God!

My friend, is the fear of losing your job causing you sleepless nights? Have you been told that you’re too old for any company to want to hire you? It may seem like a time of deep darkness for you, but because God has a good opinion of you, He is going to make you shine! Rather than think of the worst-case scenarios, believe that because God is for you, you can expect new opportunities and increase. Because God has a good opinion of you, He will provide the breakthrough you need. If you need a job, believe He will give you not just a job, but a position of influence! If you need favor with your clients, trust Him to bless you with repeat business and referrals from them!


Whatever breakthrough you are trusting God for, I’m standing in faith with you to see an unprecedented manifestation of His glory in that very area. Maybe you’ve been trusting God for a child for many years. Well, I’m believing with you that you will conceive a champion of a baby, complete with an amazing destiny in Christ! Whether it is success in examinations, a dream job, or progression in your career, don’t be afraid to ask big of God. Ask Him for greater wisdom, favor, and success, and expect Him to open wide doors of opportunity for you and make you shine brightly!

Because God is for you and has a good opinion of you, He will provide the breakthrough you need.

Let’s also believe God together to see Him mend broken relationships and destroy addictions or diseases in your life or the lives of your loved ones. I want to encourage you
 to also expect an increase of God’s protection and wisdom in all your decision-making so that you can enjoy days of peace and rest. Be conscious that there is a higher hand working in your life to make that glory shine forth, and that all you need to do is to rest and trust in Jesus’ finished work. Rest in His love for you and you will walk in His greater glory.

Right now, I would like you to pray with me. Put your hand on your heart and say:

Father, thank You for watching over me and loving me today. Thank You that You direct my steps, that You guard my thoughts with Your peace that surpasses all human understanding. Thank You for keeping my body and the bodies of my loved ones healthy and resilient. Thank You for keeping sickness and disease far from me and my family. I ask that You also protect us from bad decisions and any evil. I declare that we are under Your safekeeping and that we shall live long, good lives.

Father, I believe that the wonderful glory that
 You gave Jesus, He has given to me. Let Your greater glory manifest powerfully in every area of my life—in my body, my family, my career, my ministry and my church. In Jesus’ name I receive a fresh anointing to walk in Your manifested glory this year. Amen!

My friend, be prepared for an amazing year as God’s greater glory is seen upon you and your loved ones in increasing measure. As you walk in this glory, I pray 
that you will continue to feed on His love, grace, and promises for you. And as you see this glory manifesting in breakthroughs in all areas of your life, remember that it all began with your wonderful Savior, Jesus!

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  • bereket weldu says:

    I am confuse about my brother please prey about hem he is going to be abnormal and i need a new job please prey we are in trouble

  • Thabo Joy says:

    Amen, Amen and Amen

  • Luwi says:

    I am truly encouraged by this message knowing that even in a time of great difficulty and disappointment, I can rely on the one true God who sits on the throne..Amen

  • mouldleen says:

    Hallelujah,thankyou so much pastor prince for the prayers!

  • Igbinoba Lino Earnest says:

    I thank God for all he had Done for my life and family, I just love him I do not know how to say it be all Glory Be To God Hallelujah….Joseph Prince I thank God for your life More Grace and Anointing in Jesus NAME…from Nigeria

  • una kennedy says:

    To be selected for the G-16 Israel trip would be Abundant Grace and to be baptized by Joseph Prince in the Jordan River while there, … would be Super Abudant Grace squared!!! In faith for just such a miracle. ~ Shalom

  • opio john speke says:

    thank you so much. i am truly inspired by this message. may God bless you.

  • Winona says:


  • Gloria says:

    I am confident of this that He who began a good work in me will carry it until the day of its completion. I’ve always believed in God and since I lost my job 3 months ago I never stopped with this testimony I just read… I know that my God lives and He will provide. thank you

  • Joseph Okah says:

    Glory Glory to our God for his mercy endures forever. Thank you sir.Am blessed with the message.

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