Praise Report: Son Returns Home In The Year Of Greater Glory

In the past five years, I had sent various prayer requests to Joseph Prince Ministries for my 27-year-old son, who was deep in an addiction to crystal meth. He’d found it difficult to accept his father’s death and had gone into a downward spiral, with the drug taking control of his life and causing him to do some terrible things.

In 2004, a friend and I decided to take a vacation in America. We booked a cruise down the American coastline and just before we boarded the ship, I went to withdraw some money, only to realize my son had taken all the money.

I was devastated and at that moment, picked up the Bible and read Isaiah 60. As I was about to board the ship, the verse in Isaiah 60:5—“the abundance of the sea shall be turned toward me”—spoke to me. I felt that the situation was dark but I was assured that God was in control. He was telling me to arise and let Him shine through me.

The next six years were not easy as I watched my son sink deeper into darkness. I had little contact with him as he would say the cruelest things to me, which made me feel afraid of what he might do. But all this time, I kept Isaiah 60 in my mind. So you can imagine how excited I was when I heard that the 2014 theme for your church in Singapore is The Year Of Greater Glory, based on Isaiah 60. I felt God was telling me to expect something exciting this year.

Even though in monetary terms, my son cost me what would have been equal to a relatively healthy inheritance, my heart and arms ached to hold him in a tight embrace every day. I wanted to tell him that I still loved him, in spite of all that had happened. As the prodigal son’s father scanned the horizon every day to see his son coming home, in my mind, I did the same with my son.

Three years ago, I noticed that there were signs that my son was no longer reliant on the drug. Our family stood beside him as best as we could, as he painfully made the journey back to a normal life. His siblings also did not turn their backs on him—his elder brother tried to give him work, which he only did irregularly. When his elder brother was asked why he kept persevering with his brother, he would quietly say, “He is my brother.” Today, this “prodigal” brother works in a responsible position in his elder brother’s business.

A couple of weeks ago, my son who was lost presented me with a beautiful bouquet of flowers. When I asked him what they were for, he said, “I just wanted to tell you how much I love you,” and gave me the biggest hug. I was able to joyfully tell him how much I love him. At that very moment, I knew my son was really home.

Thank you so much for your love and prayers, and Pastor Prince, for your commitment and dedication to boldly teach the beautiful message of God’s pure grace to the world. Indeed, we are greatly blessed, highly favored, and deeply loved.

The writer has requested to remain anonymous | Australia


  • AYLWIN says:

    Dear Pastor

    I urge u to pray for me . I want jesus have mercy on me to bless me in financial breakthrough in April 2015 . Struggling , struggling this is what i know off. I WANT a stable sports job that my church members wants to give with a good salary . PLEASE pray for miracle that jesus can bless me in financial freedom as i got a lot of debts. I DESPERATELY want a breakthrough in my life in April 2015 ..

  • Philemon says:

    Jesus can, want and have blessed you with more than enough for you =D Rest now <3

  • Kathy says:

    This is similar to my son,I need prayer to rest,so I can see the same out son returning home. Jesus has paid for his deliverance!

  • Kathy says:

    Please pray for my son Matt freedom from addictions,rest for his family.

  • Son of God says:

    He will come back Kathy. Daddy God has heard your prayers

  • Annette says:

    I need prayer for my having problems breathing and walking due to my weight, i need a coach or someone to be placed in my life to assist me to be motivated and get my desire to live life to the fullest back. I am married, but my husband spends more time working, i ask for help in restoring our marriage and become in love like we were 15 years ago..i ask that he find god and that we find a bible based church where we feel God’s presence and annoiting. i also request prayer for my oldest daughter Ciara. Shes filled with so much hate toward me, lashes out at me, curses at me and blames for all her bad choices shes made…i pray she get help and intervention So she can be a better example to my 6 yr old granddaughter…last protection over my 3 other kids wherever they are each day..Thank You

  • Lambert says:

    Glory be to GOD. what manner of love. God bless you pastor Joseph for proclaiming the love of God to the world. I love you.

  • Donna says:

    Dear Joseph Prince Ministry, I would like you to pray for my husband He has one cancerous tumor in his postrate thank God he doesn’t need any treatment at this time and also I would like prayer I have suffered for many years with anxiety attacks and panic attacks disorder to the point it debilitates my mind that causes me stop walking physically, I look forward to send in my praise report.

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