Son Protected from COVID-19 While Housemates Tested Positive

I have been attending New Creation Church [in Singapore] for eighteen years. All of my children have also grown up in church. My youngest son graduated from medical school last year in the United Kingdom and stayed on to do his internship.

He shares a flat with three other housemates and a friend. Three months ago, one of his housemates caught the COVID-19 virus. My son and his housemates had to serve a quarantine order for fourteen days.

When I was informed, our family gathered online and partook of the holy Communion together with him. We also anointed ourselves with the anointing oil. Our care group members also supported us by praying for our son.

Subsequently, another two of my son’s housemates caught the virus and all of them had to serve another fourteen days of quarantine order.

At the end of the quarantine orders, my son was tested negative despite the close contact with his housemates. The Lord has kept my son safe! Praise the Lord who is our mighty Protector!

Anonymous | Singapore

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