Put It Under God’s Grace

For sin shall not have dominion over you, for you are not under law but under grace.

Romans 6:14

Because of the cross of Jesus Christ, God is free to righteously bless all who simply believe in Him. The cross frees God to be gracious toward us even when we are undeserving, because Jesus bore the punishment for our sins. The more you believe this and meditate on this truth, the more you put yourself under the grace of God.

What happens when you are under God’s grace? The Bible tells us that sin and all its effects will not have dominion in your life when you are under God’s grace.

Suppose your doctor has told you that you have a weak heart. Go to God and say, “Father, I bring my heart to You and I put it under Your grace.” Something happens when you do that. The health of your heart no longer depends on what the specialists have said, or how severe the symptoms are. It doesn’t depend on your ability to do this or that. It now depends on God’s unmerited, unearned favor!

Beloved, bring each area of your life under God’s grace. One by one, bring them all under the spout of His unmerited favor. The enemy may still give you negative thoughts that cause you to worry about a specific area. If he does that, just remind yourself that that area is under God’s abundant grace!


  • Emmanuel Appiagyei says:

    Please I am Emmanuel Appiagyei from Ghana and would like to invite you, Pastor Joseph Prince, to be a blessing to Ghanaians with the realities of the gospel being preached.
    Kindly assist with the necessary details.

    Thank you

  • I like your book, is a very good, l have two, books

  • Spasiba5 says:

    When I was an unsaved man sin had power over me. As hard as I tried I couldn’t overcome the things that I knew were sinful. I had good seasons of success but also many seasons of failure. My only hope was to turn to God, for I needed His gracious help.

    How does putting our trust in the sinless One help us?

    When we are unsaved our heart is deceitful but God is gracious and because of our trust in the perfect atoning sacrifice of Jesus, His gift to us, He can bless us with a new heart.
    Always thank Your Creator, for without God’s gracious gift of a new birth we would still have a deceitful heart and would be unable to have power over sin.

    Praise the Lord Jesus Christ, for the Saviour is full of grace and truth.

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