Protection And Restoration of Health And Memory

One Saturday, a few months ago, I had arranged to meet my wife after her seminar. While waiting, I worshipped and prayed in the Holy Spirit. Suddenly, my mind went blank.

The next thing I knew, I was at a bus interchange with no recollection of how I got there. Somehow, I had managed to call my wife and tell her my location. When she arrived, I was still in a daze. Jesus brought to mind my wife’s name and face so I could recognize her, but I couldn’t recall anyone else, not even my children.

When we got home, my wife and daughter prayed for the restoration and healing of my memory. I started to recall things bit by bit. During this time, only the Lord Jesus remained clear in my mind, and I continued praying in the Holy Spirit.

That evening, I visited the doctor. By then, my memory had returned to normal. Although the doctor suspected a mild stroke or early dementia, by God’s grace, the initial diagnosis was inconclusive, and there were no more incidents.

The following week, a couple of church leaders prayed for me. At the next Sunday service, Pastor Prince called out the memory loss condition. He prayed and declared healing, which my family and I claimed in Jesus’ name. Subsequently, I underwent a series of medical tests. The initial results showed high blood pressure and an electrocardiogram suggested a heart attack. The doctor couldn’t give a conclusive diagnosis about the memory loss. We rejected the negative reports, prayed, and believed that Jesus had already healed me.

I sought a second opinion from a cardiologist. By Jesus’ grace, he found no problems with my heart. Hallelujah! What could have been a devastating diagnosis turned into a testimony of Jesus’s protection and healing.

Throughout this journey, two things remained constant: putting Jesus first and the importance of praying in the Holy Spirit. Through His grace, His hand guided and protected me every step of the way.

A brother from Singapore