Praise Report: Wife Got Great Offer Thanks to Right-Time, Right-Place Blessings

My wife was laid off due to the pandemic back in 2020. Since then, she has applied to more than seventy jobs, all without success.

My wife felt a great burden of shame, inadequacy, and low self-worth. I kept reassuring her that God would provide whether or not she had a job and asked her not to worry about it. Last year, when Pastor Prince revealed the theme of The Kairos Year of Right Time, Right Place, my wife and I said “amen!”

While working, I happened to run into a co-worker who only came in once every couple of months on very random days. She asked about my wife’s status, and I told her everything. That same employee put me in touch with the human resource department, and my wife was given an interview the following week.

Sometime later, while I was working, I got a text message with a screenshot of the company offering my wife a job. I shouted in the hallway, thanking God for this miracle. My wife gets to work from home with a great salary and has the blessing of being able to watch our one-year-old son.

Thank You, Father God, and thank you, Pastor Prince, for preaching the gospel of Jesus Christ. You’ve forever changed our lives.

Matthew Hutton | Virginia, United States