Praise Report: Victory for Mother and Son in the Year of Jubilee

In January 2017, my mom and I attended Vision Sunday in New Creation Church [Singapore] and heard your message about the year of Jubilee. You mentioned that even if our beginning is bad, our ending will surely be victorious.My mom has been married for twenty-three years but suffered abuse all those years. She applied for divorce and in the same year also got terminated from her job due to her marriage issues. We had no money but had loans of more than $20,000. Doctors also identified sixteen nodules in her thyroid and two of them were suspected as cancerous. We were in a state of becoming homeless as we had to sell our house away due to the divorce. We couldn’t afford to rent out a flat either. When my mom did her second scan for her thyroid some months later, they found nineteen nodules inclusive of the same two nodules with suspicious activity. She had to have all the nodules removed, and she lost her voice completely. The doctor told us that it was possible that my mom might get her voice back after six months, although some never regain their voice. We chose not to accept that report but to partake of the Holy Communion and declare that we have a big Jesus who exceeds our expectations and over-blesses us. My mom would sing praises to the Lord, even in her state where her singing could hardly be heard. Within three weeks, her voice was completely restored one hundred and twenty percent. It became much stronger. She had applied for jobs in all the government hospitals but was rejected. But through Jesus’ grace and favor, my mom got an offer from a private hospital with the highest salary that she was ever been paid! The Lord also showed me a verse from Genesis 12 about Abraham possessing the land that the Lord had promised him. The following day, we received a letter from the lawyer stating that the house is ours and we would not have to sell it. Our loans have been waived. This is possible only by God’s grace and favor! The year of Jubilee has truly brought victory in every area of our lives. Thank you, Pastor Prince, for preaching the gospel of grace and impacting so many lives with the truth. Keep on preaching and all praise and glory to Jesus! David Arvind Prince | Singapore

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  • Susanne Howell says:

    I am just going throuh the 5 days communion e-mails. Taking communion every day I trust that Jesus gives me healing! But my problem is, that I used to have tablets for deppression many yesrs and these have made me very weak in my legs and body. I can’t walk very well and my age is 70. My question is, will the Lord heal me despite my age. I will believe He can!

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