Praise Report: Timely Provision after Hearing and Meditating on God’s Grace

Some time ago, my finances were running low and I had no idea where the income to pay for all my monthly bills would come from. At that time, my car was in the repair shop and I was also informed by the insurance company that I had to pay an excess of ZAR 8,000 for my car. On top of that, I still had other bills to take care of.

In my desperation, I had fleeting thoughts of suicide, but praise God I didn’t act on them. Instead, I began listening and meditating on your grace teachings and God opened my eyes. I started to understand what Jesus meant when He said it is finished. I began to see that all our sins, lack, sicknesses, and depression were defeated at the cross. It was not our doing—God did it all for us. From His abundance we have received grace upon grace.

With that revelation, I prayed to receive His provision and for seed to sow. Shortly after, I received ZAR 117,000 from revenue services. That covered my needs, including money for sowing. The insurance company also confirmed that I did not have to pay any excess for my car.

Thanks you, Pastor Prince, for the teachings on right believing, and praise God for giving His only Son so that whoever believes in Him should not perish but have the gift of eternal life.

The writer has requested to remain anonymous | South Africa

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  • alysa mikaela criste says:

    Lord i praise thee. Thankou foe all the blessings that came to me and the blessings that will come. Lord i thankyou for my answered prayers oh Lord. I lift it all up to you. Lord thankyou for your loving kindness. Lord yhankyou for everything. For always guiding me and direxting my path. Iprayed to you to passed all my subject and it happened. Thankyou Lord. I pray in jesus name. Amen

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