Praise Report: The Lord Is Never Too Late To Answer Our Prayers

During the recent Christmas service on the 23rd of December, you asked us to prepare three prayer requests for 2013 when we meet for service the following week. To be honest, I was really troubled and even started complaining to my friends when I remembered that two of my prayer requests for 2012 were still unanswered. One was concerning the salvation of my dad and the other was for my menstrual cycle to resume naturally.

On Thursday, 27th December, I woke up with a tummy ache. I went to the toilet only to shout for joy because I had menstruated naturally for the first time in two years! I don’t think there is another female out there who would smile so widely when it’s that time of the month!

On that same day, my mother told me that my wayward dad had asked if he could follow us to church that week. We had given up on asking him because he was always nonchalant. Not only did he attend church with us on the 30th of December, he accepted Jesus as his Saviour! PRAISE THE LORD! Just like what Pastor Prince had taught us, Daddy God can indeed place a seed in a person and cause him to turn to Jesus!

Thus, my two remaining prayer requests for 2012 were fulfilled in the very last week of the year! At the “set time”, Jesus came through for me, and He came in such style!

I have brand new prayer requests for 2013. I know I serve a Lord who is ever faithful, who remembered me even when I had given up and thought that I had been left behind.

All praise and glory be to Jesus!

Carrie | Singapore


  • Chimdi Kehinde says:

    Pastor Prince, please join me in lifting my two boys in prayers that the salvation of God will be there portion in Jesus name. Amen.

  • maryam says:

    Glory to Jesus.

  • SYLVIA says:

    I’m in dire need of financial help!Please Dear Lord hear and answer my prayers! Thank You!

  • Jen says:

    This is such a joyful post to read and one that I can relate to as well. After nearly 20 years of infertility and missing monthly cycles, God restored my cycle to normal and all traces of the previous fertility condition is gone as well. I often laugh about the ridculousness of a 35 year-old woman rejoicing over her monthly cycle, too!
    I had been listening to Pastor Prince’s teaching on grace and healing for a few years by that point, but I had a hard time “seeing” Jesus at the cross bearing a female fertility condition and so I believed, but really struggled to get past that issue. Then a friend reminded me that Jesus is the lamb who takes away the sins of the world, the one who was cursed so that we can be blessed. It was shortly after that reminder that my healing broke forth. And talk about the style that God heals with! When my healing came, we had already received the blessing of our children (triplets) through the long, emotionally draining process of fertility treatments. Our family was complete and we weren’t planning to try for more children. So maybe you’d think the prayer for healing was unneeded at that point. But God! He went ahead and healed me anyway and now, for the first time in my life, I’m actually fertile and have to remember each month that it’s possible to have a baby in the natural way, LOL! I’m currently believing Him for other “impossible” restorations of health and wellness and fully anticipate that those answers will arrive on His schedule. Have a blessed season of health ahead, Carrie!

  • Sharon says:

    I’m thrilled for her. But, isn’t there a more suitable testimony from all those reached by Joseph Prince ministry in the last two years? (A little modesty would suit me, for one.)

    I see miracles ALL THE TIME. Want to hear a few, from me?

  • Ann wilmot says:

    Please pray for us to come up with the down payment to buy our home by the end of the year. Thank you.

  • len says:

    Kindly join us in prayers. I and my husband have been married for 3 years now. We’ve been trying to have a baby. Lately, I start to be so anxious but God keeps on reminding me through the Holy Spirit to be STILL. But at times I can’t help but be plagued with doubts and fears. Thank you so much. Your praying with us will be very much appreciated and I can only ask God to bless you all abundantly and exceedingly.

  • Sandra Gyeyok Daniel says:

    All these testimonies realy increased my faith in God.will share my own testimony soonest.praise God.

  • Ava Glorioso says:

    Pastor Prince pls pray for my family. I trust God will answer our prayer that he will give again the work of my husband.

  • biodun says:

    Indeed God is never late, Praise God! I’m really encouraged by this praise report and I strongly believe that God will show up for me to restore my reproductive health, give me normal cycles,heal my hormones and make me super fertile.
    Thanks for sharing Len,i was blessed by it. And God bless Pastor Prince and Joseph Prince ministries. Much love from Nigeria

  • Maria says:

    Please pray with me.Im about to be out on the street with my kids by the end of this week (endJanuary2016). I believe God to provide us with a home of our own. A place my kids can call home cos we never had that.Im so tired of struggling just to provide a roof over my childrens head . I believe Him to supply above and beyond all according to His riches.. Believing is so very hard when all is crumbling around you and you dont have people to support you like family. So I cant turn to anyone but God. Thank you for your prayers.

  • Henry says:

    Please Pray for me, I expect to see miracles in my life soon, my health have been kinda complicated for a while now..but I trust and believe in God to restore me to perfect health..And am sure of testimony

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