Praise Report: Supernaturally Healed From Bipolar Disorder

My husband had a scheduled appointment with his doctors on 7 September 2011. However, he was unable to keep the appointment due to severe flooding in our area from Hurricane “Irene” and the tropical storm “Lee”.


At that time, his medication for bipolar disorder was almost gone and his doctor was no longer at the Veterans Hospital to refill his prescription. However, he said, “I will be alright without it,” even though his next appointment was not until 4 October 2011. It has been four weeks since my husband was without medication and he has no symptoms at all.


For about three years, my husband and I have been listening and watching Pastor Prince exclusively. We have begun using Pastor Prince’s new book, 100 Days Of Favor, in the mornings, and we would have Holy Communion after that. I believe, therefore I speak. Today, my husband has experienced the manifestation of deliverance from bipolar disorder (there is no medical cure for this).


All praise and glory to the Father as what man and medicine could not do, the cross did. Thank You, Father, for Pastor Prince and the revelation that has been imparted to him.


Mary Jo Mccoy-deon | Pennsylvania, US

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  • Paul Mwaura says:

    I read this testimony around 2016 while i was diagnosed with the same. I bookmarked it and I believed God for a breakthrough too. The journey wasnt easy for me though. Everytime i stopped the medication, i’d not sleep the whole night and i’d keep throwing up the next day. I am a primary school teacher and it affected my job. I’d even fall asleep while marking pupil’s work because of the side effects. Those pills (CPZ and Tegretol) are no joke man! The breakthrough came in October 2018. Though i suffered side effects, i kept persevering. I received my 30-fold, 60-fold, then finally 100-fold manifestation. Now i can sleep peacefully without medication. The only pill i take is Joseph Prince podcasts. I keep them playing while i sleep. Am believing God for other breakthroughs as well.

    Thanks Joseph Prince for your grace messages. My favourite is “GOD HAS CONDEMNED SIN IN THE FLESH – WHAT IT MEANS” Preached at the Rock Auditorium. In it, JP shares about his bonafied spiritual warfare when he was a teenager. I can identify with him. The devils greatest weapon nowadays is sin-consciousness. Though my mind snaped, (JP shares his almost did) i got admitted in a mental hospital but i was armed with the truth. I was there for 2 weeks.

    My desire is to see JP messages spreading all over the world because i chanced on that sermon at the street around April 2014. It was a pirated one but i bought it. Together with “JESUS’ GIFT OF RIGHTEOUSNES HAS MADE YOU THE HEIR OF THE WORLD” Preached in Australia -Grace and Favor Seminar, and “REST, GOD IS WORKING BEHIND THE SCENES” – a 2010 sermon. Ama telling you they came in handy on January 13th 2015. Thats when the warfare became to much after listening to them repeatedly. I lost my mind completely. Talk about the rubber meeting the road. It was terrible. All the people who knew i was listening to JP said i had a demon. And that JP is a devil worshiper (you know when they call grace a cult its sanitized a little, but when people say you’ve joined a devil’s church thats even worse).
    But i held on and am healed and stronger now. Calvary Animation Video, the songs Finished, Anthem of Grace, Everyday of my Life, Unmeritted Favor, were a game changer too. I still listen to JP EXCLUSIVELY. Other grace teachers will evade some things like tithing, tongues, communion, anointing oil etc.

    Joseph Prince, keep doing your thing man. And DONT YOU EVER BACK DOWN! We got more land to inherit in this year of THE LATTER RAIN. May God bless you, your family and your church.
    Glory to Jesus!

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