Praise Report: Son with autism showing major improvement after declaring 1 John 4:17

A number of years ago, I wrote in with my praise report about conceiving after partaking of the holy Communion and declaring our supernatural conception of a baby. The following year, I gave birth to my son, Judah.

Four years later, this same promised son was diagnosed with autism. I felt my world fall apart as I coped with a child who was mute, who didn’t understand simple tasks, and who never called his father or me “Daddy” or “Mommy.” It was like living with a stranger.

I remember praying with my husband on the way to the doctor’s office the day we got the diagnosis. I remember how lost and confused I felt when we were told Judah had autism. And I remember the Spirit encouraging me not to accept the negative report.

Judah had been enrolled in a private school but the school discharged him when they could not cater to his needs. When that happened, I felt so alone even though I had my husband.

When Judah was about four, I searched Pastor Joseph Prince online and watched his sermon, “As Jesus Is, So Are You.” As I watched, my faith grew. However, I still felt like Peter looking at the storm around me as I saw my son not speaking and displaying behavior I didn’t understand.

I went to the Joseph Prince Ministries website and read a praise report about a little boy who had autism and showed major improvements after his mother proclaimed 1 John 4:17 over him. I began to pray and proclaim the same word over Judah as well. I also asked him to proclaim it but all I heard was some murmuring. But because of the word I heard, I didn’t lose faith and kept proclaiming 1 John 4:17 over him.

In that same year, Judah started speaking. He called us “Mommy” and “Daddy” before he turned five. Today Judah is excelling in school! Every night before he goes to bed, he prays, “As Jesus is, so am I in this world,” with clarity. Our God is a good and faithful God. All glory and praise be unto You, O Lord my God!

I want to encourage everyone to never give up on God because He never gives up on our situations.

Thank you, Pastor Prince, for your ministry. The words you preach are definitely from the throne room of God. May God Almighty continue to bless you, your family, and your ministry of grace.

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