Praise Report: Son Divinely Protected From Car Accident

My twenty-four-year-old son, Luke, was crossing the street on a crosswalk in New York City when he was struck by a cab going about 25mph to 30mph. He was struck on the leg, thrown onto the hood of the car, and landed on the street. Miraculously, he was totally fine after the accident! He did not have a single broken bone, bruise, or even a scratch. We all urged him to go to the hospital but he refused and insisted he was completely fine.

I recall that just a few days before the accident, we were having a wonderful time celebrating Thanksgiving. Suddenly, I saw an image of Luke on a slab, dead in a morgue in my mind. I immediately dismissed that image, proclaimed that my son would live and not die, and pleaded the blood of Jesus over him.

I didn’t tell anyone about what I’d seen, but just thanked God for His protection for my son and all of my family in Jesus’ name.

The morning of Luke’s accident, I also felt led to pray God’s protection over my children from car accidents—not something that I usually do.

Then, later that afternoon, I received a text from Luke telling me about the accident and that he was fine and unharmed. After hearing my son was fine, I got on my knees and cried tears of joy, thanking my wonderful Father God! I am so thankful that the Holy Spirit warned me before the accident happened. My son was just awarded an awesome position in his company and we were all celebrating his wonderful new title and how God had opened up doors of favor for him. The accident happened just one day before he started his new job. As I am typing this, I just texted my son to see how he was feeling and he replied, “Mom, I am one hundred percent fine. I just went to the gym and got a monster lift in!”

I should also mention that at that time when I learned about Luke’s accident, I was just listening to Joseph Prince’s message about Psalm 91. I used to pray it over my family all the time, but over the years, I had forgotten about this powerful Psalm. I am thankful to Joseph Prince for reminding me of the power of Psalm 91. When we pray the Word of God over our children or any situation, we release His angels to work on our behalf. Praise the Lord!

Beverly Clarke | Connecticut, United States


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