Praise Report: Son and Grandson Protected from Gunshots

On Good Friday last year, I watched Pastor Prince on television. At the end of his teaching, he prayed for protection over families for the upcoming week, specifically over children. I stood in my room with arms outstretched and received the prayer.

Within a couple of hours after receiving this prayer, my son called me and told me he had been shot. While he was driving to Taco Bell with his son for lunch, a car pulled up on the side of him and a gunman shot his car more than six times.

When I reached the hospital, the car he was driving was in front of the Emergency Room. The windows were shot out. Bullets had pierced through the trunk and rear doors (I have pictures).

When I got inside the hospital, I found out my grandson had not a scratch on him. My son only suffered a bullet wound to his arm and a graze to his side by another bullet. But he had no major injuries and the bullet that was lodged in his arm did not break any bones or pierce any nerves.

I know the prayer Pastor Prince prayed dispatched God’s warring angels to protect my son and grandson. I know it was the Holy Spirit who spoke to my son and had him look at just the right moment to see the gunman. It was the grace of God that had my son duck down as he sped off.

I use this miracle testimony whenever I share God’s grace with others. Thank You, Jesus, for Your grace. Thank You for the outpouring of Your grace in my life and in the lives of my children, as well as for Pastor Prince and his ministry. Hallelujah! Thank, You, Jesus!

LaKesha Lewis | Iowa, United States

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