Praise Report: Sister Delivered Of Cancer

I would like to share how God has delivered my sister of cancer.

In 2008, my sister was diagnosed with breast cancer. She had an operation to remove the cancer cells and underwent all the required treatments. She recovered well.

Six years later, in December 2014, my sister was admitted into a hospital after developing what seemed like a cold. However, after the doctor had run some tests, he confirmed that the cancer had returned and was spreading to her lungs.

My sister and our entire family were devastated by the diagnosis. Our family started to pray and partake of the Holy Communion together every day. We read the Bible’s healing scriptures every day and believed that nothing was impossible with God.

On January 1, 2015, my sister returned to the hospital for more tests. This time, the doctors could not detect any trace of cancer in her breast or lungs. My family and I believed that God had completely healed her.

The works of our God are amazing. The grace of God is real. Thank you, Pastor Prince, for giving me an opportunity to share my sister’s testimony. I hope it encourages others to believe that our God is real and that He is more than able to heal our diseases!

Kishon Tempro | Trinidad and Tobago

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