Praise Report: Shoulder Pain Completely Gone After Listening To Audiobook

For a year, I had been experiencing pain in my left shoulder, which caused even my left index finger to feel pain and numbness. Initially, I thought I would be able to bear with the discomfort, but it became worse. I went to the doctor and found out that a nerve in my left hand had been pinched because my spine showed disc desiccation (a degenerative disc disease caused by aging).

The doctor advised me to undergo a minor surgery to rectify the problem. However, I became very worried and fearful, and decided to seek the Lord for healing.

I got hold of Pastor Prince’s audiobook titled, Grace Revolution. While listening to chapter nineteen on the way to work, I heard these lines: Marcus suffered excruciating pain in his body for twenty years…[and] received complete and total restoration of his health. The severe back pains that plagued him for twenty years are now totally gone. Hallelujah!

When I heard that, I said in my heart, “I receive that healing. If Jesus was able to heal Marcus, I have that same hope for healing too!” After that, the pain in my left shoulder gradually went away. Today, the pain is completely and permanently gone!

Before that, I could not even carry a small backpack on my shoulder without pain. Now, I can carry a bag with my laptop weighing 3kg on the same shoulder without any discomfort! I am totally healed! The joy that I’m feeling right now is beyond words.

Thank You, Abba Father, for Your love and care toward me. Thank you, Pastor Prince, for teaching and sharing the good news of the gospel. May God bless you and your family.

The writer has requested to remain anonymous | Singapore

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