Praise Report: Sharp Pain in Head Gone After Prayer

I had been suffering from a pain in my mouth and a runny nose for about two months. I eventually went for a medical examination when I began experiencing severe headaches that greatly impacted my daily activities.

I was diagnosed with acute sinusitis and was placed on medication. But I was still experiencing sharp pain in my head whenever I stood up to walk or even tried to turn my neck.

On November 1, 2020, I decided to tune in to New Creation Church’s online service despite the pain I was feeling in my head. When Pastor Prince got to the end of his message and began calling out various conditions, I remained attentive.

Then, Pastor Prince mentioned a case of someone with a bad headache, and commanded the headache to go in Jesus’ name! I said Amen! Immediately, I noticed that I was no longer feeling the sharp pain in my head.

When I stood up for the blessing at the end of the service, the headache was gone! I can now turn my neck and move around without any pain in my head. I want to thank the Lord Jesus for healing me and also Pastor Prince for making himself available to be used by God to bless this generation.

Onofiok Easter Udookpoh | Texas, United States

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