Praise Report: Set Free From Wrong Believing, Now Preaching Gospel Of Grace

I was raised in a Christian home and led a religious life where wrong teachings about God led to wrong believing and ultimately wrong living. Whenever I sinned, I would have this sense of guilt and condemnation. I would believe that Jesus was shaking His head with disappointment and that I should punish myself, or God would punish me.

My prayer life was filled with a lot of insecurity because I believed that even if God forgave me, He was still be disappointed with me. I would read the Bible and promise never to sin again.

But all that only kept me in a never-ending cycle of condemnation and failure. Soon, I grew too frustrated to even pray.

I am now thirty years old. It has been three years since I was impacted by the gospel of grace through Pastor Joseph Prince’s ministry. I definitely feel born again!

The wrong beliefs I have are continually being replaced with right beliefs, as Jesus is unveiled in Pastor Prince’s preaching.

Today, I am secure in Christ and I have been transformed from being sin-conscious to Jesus-conscious and am seeing victory in my life!

I have been sharing the gospel of grace at my local church and whenever I get the chance to. I am seeing many lives transformed by His grace. I used to spend a lot of time brainstorming ideas for my preaching and I was heavily dependent on my notes.

This is no longer the case when I share the gospel of grace today. Instead of putting my faith in the efforts of my preparation, I now rely on the Holy Spirit to guide me.

It’s not my own smarts or words, but His wisdom working in me and through me.

I am thankful to Daddy God for Pastor Joseph Prince’s ministry! Even my family has been impacted by grace. To God be the glory! Only the finished work of Christ works! Thank You, Jesus, for Your love!

The writer has requested to remain anonymous | Bahrain

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