Praise Report: All My Destructive Habits Left After I Discovered This Truth

I was born in a Christian family and grew up thinking that God was an angry God. Since young, I was afraid of failing because I didn’t want to anger God. So I started confessing every wrong deed I did.

Finally, I told myself that I would do what I wanted to do in life first and later come back to God. Slowly, I was led astray. I became very bitter and indulged in all kinds of sins— smoking, drinking, and other stuff. Day by day, I knew my life was sinking and that I was a total failure. I didn’t have a proper job and even when I was hungry and had money in my pocket, I would choose cigarettes over food.

I felt very condemned by my actions and decided to give my life to the devil, thinking that he would give me whatever I wished for in this world for free.

Soon, I came under an attack. My mind started to go haywire. One day, I overdosed on drugs and my limbs started twisting by themselves and my heart started beating very slowly. I thought I was going to die that day, but somehow, Jesus saved me.

A year later, I came to the end of myself. I wanted to come back to Jesus but I didn’t know how. In June 2012, I came across Pastor Prince’s sermon and that was the first time I learned that in Christ, I am the RIGHTEOUSNESS OF GOD in CHRIST JESUS.

I took hold of that truth as my armour against my bad habits. Whenever I smoked, I started confessing that I am righteous in Christ, and that cigarettes have no power over me now. All my bad habits left me within two weeks.

Today, I reign over them. It has been almost two years now and the work of God in my life continues to amaze everyone around me. God has also been opening doors for me to preach the good news in Sri Lanka. I thank and praise my Lord Jesus Christ for delivering and saving me. Pastor Prince, I also thank God for you because you have unveiled the beauty and loveliness of Jesus Christ unto men like me.

Stephen Zechariah | Singapore


  • Teresa Ibarra says:

    Wow what a story how God loves unconditional thank you Jesus this gives me hope for all my family members that have addiction and bad habits. Love your daughter Teresa

  • Deborah says:

    Wow such an amazing story, how the power of God will remove all bad habits, I have been struggling for year’s with a food and cigarette addiction, which has lead me to a unhealthy weight, to add to that smoking is way out of control, and I don’t want any health problems from that, so I will put on my armour and confess with my mouth I am the Righteousness in Christ the cigarette’s and junk food have no power over me in Jesus name. I Thank Pastor Prince for this peaceful site where I can learn about the goodness of the Lord. Thank you for sharing your story.

  • Deborah says:

    Pastor Prince my mind is troubled as I try to decide if I should move to a new area,I have made this place my home for 7 year’s the area is bad drug infested,gang activity, the parking situation is terrible as I have had several tickets, I have no carport or garage,due to the fact that I’m disable I have to have someone park for me, I ask for you to pray for me to find safe and suitable housing.

  • Donna Felix Leon says:

    We Praise God for this amazing transformation
    God bless you pastor Joseph Prince

  • Carol Spinner says:

    Wow! Amazing story.

  • Diane Wabwile says:

    Amen brethren,to God be the Glory

  • ESTHER says:

    I love JESUS am the righteousness of Christ….thank you for the testimony.

  • joshua says:


  • sophia mwangi says:

    Glory to God who has perfected through His son Jesus.I thank God for His goodness.

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