Praise Report: Set Free From Anger And Frustration By Praying In The Spirit

I used to be very unhappy with God. In fact, I spent most of my days blaming God for not giving me everything that He had promised.

One night, while working on a project, I got so frustrated that I stopped and went to bed. However, because I still had some energy left, I picked up my Bible and started from where I had left off—the book of Romans.

When I got to Romans 8, I started reading the section where the apostle Paul said that he prayed in the Spirit more than anyone else in the church. So I decided to find out what praying in the Spirit meant.

As I read on, I realized, among other things, that the Spirit searches my heart and knows my mind. So I decided that from then on, every time I felt like complaining to God, I would do it in tongues. I would keep my normal prayers short and to the point, and then continue by praying in tongues.

Since I started praying in tongues, all the anger and frustration have left me and I am always in a pleasant mood for my loved ones. Now, my normal prayers to Father God are always prayers of praise because I know His Spirit takes care of my troubles as I pray in tongues.

Pastor Prince, I would like to say a huge thank you for all your teachings on grace. I am blessed reading your daily devotionals and listening to your sermons every day.

The writer has requested to remain anonymous | Spain

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