Praise Report: Separated Couple Reconciled through God’s Grace

Three years ago, my wife and I separated. Then, I went to a church service where my friend was being ordained as a leader. I’ve never heard the gospel of grace being preached the way I did that day, and have been attending church since then.

One day, I felt led to read Pastor Prince’s book, Destined to Reign, and it changed my life. I went to my wife’s house with the book, and she said, “You’re reading Joseph Prince’s book?”

Little did I know that my wife was reading another of his books, Live the Let-Go Life! She said that reading that book enabled her to forgive. We then went out as a family for the first time in six years.

After that night, by God’s grace, my wife said she wanted a reconciliation! Thank you, Pastor Prince, for opening my eyes to the gospel of grace and being instrumental in helping to reconcile our marriage!

Steve La Gala | New York, United States

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