Praise Report: Seeing God’s Protection And Healing In Family Members

I want to thank God for His provision and healing.

My mother had cancer more than twenty years ago. Recently, she went to the doctors for a checkup and they found a mass in her breast. She told me about it and I immediately asked her to speak God’s Word over herself and not to be worried.

At that time, I was listening to Joseph Prince’s Speak It! See It! Activate God’s Promises For Your Life CD album. I was encouraged by the message and I stood by what the Word of God said about my mother’s body. I spoke healing and health over her. I also took the Holy Communion for her twice daily. Not long after that, my mother received the doctor’s report that the mass in her breast was benign.

In another incident, my granddaughter, who is three years old, burned herself with scalding hot soup and received second-degree burns under her chin and on the right side of her chest and stomach. I partook Communion for her as well and spoke God’s healing words over her. The doctors thought she would need a skin graft but by the healing power of Jesus, she didn’t need one as that part of her body just dried up overnight and is no longer raw.

Pastor Prince, my life has changed since I started listening to you. I finally realized how much Jesus loves me and I am hungry for Him. I believe His promises for our health, provision, and wholeness. I have also started declaring over myself that I am righteous in Christ Jesus. Praise God, Jesus is all we need. Thank you for showing me how much He loves me!

Sandra Lawson | Texas, United States

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