Praise Report: Secured Place At A Prestigious University Despite Odds

In 2012, I was struggling to get into a good engineering institution, as my entrance test scores were not good enough. At that time, I was living with all sorts of feelings of condemnation and guilt, thinking that God had forgotten me, left me, and no longer cared for me.

Even though I had Pastor Prince’s messages with me, I never really listened to them. It was only when I was at a really low point of my life that I began to listen to his messages carefully.

I began to realize that God still loves me. Not only that, I found out that He cares for me and has a bright future in store for me.

I decided to take a year off to prepare for the entrance examinations again. In 2013, I sat for the various entrance examinations of top universities.

However, I still could not make it to any of them. Finally, I was left with one more chance with the last available university. The night before sitting for the examination, I started thanking my heavenly Father for a place in that university, trusting that I would have it because He loves me and not because I deserved it.

The next day, I went for the examination. To be honest, I wasn’t too enthusiastic about taking that examination, given all my previous disappointments.

But when the results came, I received a score that allowed me to apply for a place in the university!

When the time came, my dad and I went for the university’s admissions exercise, only to find out that my 12th grade score was not sufficient to get me into the course that I wanted. So again, we left disappointed.

A few weeks later, we received a message from the university informing us that there were a few seats left for the course that I wanted. Daddy God also took care of the financial issues.

Miraculously, I got into the university I wanted, with my fees paid up, even though the odds were stacked against me.

I still remember the admissions officer saying, “Son, God wants you to study here and that is why you are here.”

I thank God for blessing me with a place in the prestigious university. I also thank Daddy God for helping me successfully complete my first year in this university.

I would also like to thank Pastor Prince for preaching the gospel of grace, which gives hope to many people like me around the world. Thank you for letting us know that we have a heavenly Father who cares for us and is willing to give us the best despite the odds.

The writer has requested to remain anonymous | India

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