Praise Report: Saved From Carbon Monoxide Poisoning

God bless you, Pastor Prince, and your entire ministry. My seventeen-year-old daughter and I are hearers of the true gospel of grace and our lives have been transformed and blessed.

On November 16, 2014, I was replaying your on-demand Web broadcast. At the end of the message, you said you would pray for our protection.

I put the message on pause and quickly called my daughter to come and receive the blessing.

During the prayer, you prayed that we would not die in our sleep because you said that you felt someone was afraid of that. Though we did not have that fear, we received the prayer anyway.

The next morning, when I woke up for work, I felt very ill and realized that I could not make it to work. Nonetheless, I still wanted my daughter to go to school. When I woke her, she was also unwell, complaining of the same symptoms I was experiencing. Sensing something amiss, we went to the ER (emergency room) and found out we had carbon monoxide poisoning from a faulty heater!

Usually, people who are exposed to carbon monoxide while asleep will die in their sleep. We believe we were saved because of the prayer you prayed. God heard and answered. He woke us up just in time so that we could be saved. We give Jesus all the glory!

Thank you, Pastor Prince. God bless you.

The writer has requested to remain anonymous | California, United States

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  • Kirsty Black says:

    What an interesting praise report!
    My family were also protected from carbon monoxide poisoning.
    I remember one day sitting at the kitchen table, talking to my mum about Jesus and how wonderful it would be if we could see him come into the room and sit with us. The next moment, our door to the garden opened completely, which we thought was strange!

    The next day, we had found out carbon monoxide had been leaking into our house for days and my entire family had been protected. We thought back to when the door had opened – letting fresh air into the house, helping protect us from the poison!

    I am so grateful for prayers for protection – we are all probably being protected from things all of the time without realising it! 🙂

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