Praise Report: Saved From A House Fire

Pastor Prince, the Lord brought to my remembrance something that happened one morning in February 2012 when I was heavily pregnant with our third child.

That morning, I was tired and uncomfortable but trusting in the Lord as my Shepherd as I lay in bed listening to one of your sermons. My husband and two children were in the living room watching a sermon on television. My husband smelled smoke but thought it was a draft coming down our chimney and kicking up some smoke from the fireplace.

A neighbor came to our door saying that she saw smoke and that it looked like it was coming from our deck. The Lord prompted me to start praying in tongues. I also felt the Holy Spirit prompting me to confess the truth of the Lord’s protection over our lives, as well as the blessings of Abraham, hope, life, and peace.

There was no fire on our deck so we did not know how to proceed.

Then, we saw our neighbor from downstairs coming out of her house as she was removing smoking, charred items from her kitchen My husband went downstairs to assist our neighbor. When my husband got downstairs, he saw the neighbor’s kitchen stove on fire with the flames growing quickly and traveling up the air vent to our connected deck.

The Holy Spirit filled me with strength to rise above my physical limitations—I quickly prepared my two children and myself for being out in the cold and we rushed downstairs. My husband continued to remove burning items from my neighbor’s kitchen. The electrical system in the vent appeared to be on fire too and we didn’t know what to do apart from waiting for the firefighters to arrive.

In a flash, the Holy Spirit showed me an image of a fire extinguisher I had never seen before.

I shouted for my husband to run and retrieve it, which he did. He then quickly extinguished the fire! All this while, our unit remained undamaged.

All glory to Jesus! He protects us from harm. He is our wisdom to show us what we need to know and he directs our paths. Had we waited any longer, there would have been extensive damage to our unit and possibly loss of all our belongings. And we could have been trapped inside our unit had the fire spread to our stairs.

That was not all. The Lord used this incident for our benefit. Our landlord thanked us with a wonderfully affirming letter and a hundred-dollar gift card saying it is people like us who make the world a better place! Truly, the Lord blesses us to be a blessing. After the fire department confirmed that everything was well, the Lord led me to encourage our neighbor who was feeling condemned for causing the fire by leaving her wicker tea basket on the stove.

Pastor Prince, we have been listening to your messages since you first aired in the United States and have been applying everything that you teach. We are proud to be partners with your ministry. We especially gave ear to your teachings on wisdom and confessing Psalm 91 over our lives.

We have also been regularly partaking of the Holy Communion, praying in tongues, and applying the anointing oil. Also, the Lord has helped me develop a habit of listening to your sermons every morning to prime my Spirit for the day ahead.

I hope this testimony encourages believers to believe what you said about how resting in the Lord and flowing with the Holy Spirit are the wisest and most practical things we can do to impact even our physical circumstances. It is exciting to see how the Holy Spirit flows through us, both in our everyday lives and in life-threatening situations.

Thank You, Jesus, for being our very good shepherd!

Caroline Evans | California, United States

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