Praise Report: Right knee pain gone

I need to share this. Daddy God is so good. 

My right knee had been giving me a lot of pain for a long time. In fact, it was getting from bad to worse. 

Whenever I straightened my legs, I had to do it carefully to avoid twisting my knee cap. When I sleep, I would not able to move my legs much because of my knee. It would also hurt very badly when I get in and out of the car. 

During the online service on 31 January 2021, my knee was so painful that I started thinking of seeing a doctor and going for a surgery to fix it. 

Towards the end of service, Pastor Prince started praying for knee conditions. I told myself that it was for me! 

So, when Pastor Prince asked those with knee conditions to bend their knees, I did just that. Amazingly, there was no pain at all. I kept bending my knees to show my husband. I was overjoyed and even started jumping up and down. There was no pain at all!

Praise the Lord for His instantaneous healing! Thank You, Jesus, for this miracle!

Anonymous | Singapore

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