Praise Report: Reunited with Wife and Children

I started listening to Pastor Prince preach on a Christian channel. Some time later, the Holy Spirit led me to read Pastor Prince’s book Grace Revolution.

At that time, I was living alone after a divorce and seeking the Lord’s direction. I was full of condemnation and guilt and could not experience the love of my heavenly Father.

After reading Grace Revolution, I wanted more of Jesus. I got hold of another book by Pastor Prince—100 Days of Right Believing. When I finished reading the book, the Spirit of God told me to return to my family.

Funnily, my ex-wife had bought a ticket for me to join our children on a holiday only to find that God had more than just a holiday in store for us. Today, our family is reunited and happy. The Lord has been rebuilding our house!

All this happened in the year of Jubilee when I was fifty-seven years old. Because of the Lord’s amazing grace, I’m continuing to expect total restoration in every area of my life. I’m also learning to relax and let Him manifest His finished work in my life.

Pastor Prince, thank you for preaching God’s grace, gift of righteousness, and rest. I’ve never experienced the love of Jesus so tangibly even though I’ve been a believer for over twenty years. Your message is changing lives and helping people receive God’s blessings.

May Jesus bless you exceedingly, abundantly, above all you can ask or imagine. Amen!

Zwelethu Madasa | South Africa


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