Praise Report: Restored With Love And Marriage

About four years ago, my husband of forty-five years passed away. He had battled cancer, heart attacks, and lung problems for many years, and cancer finally took his life. We had three grown children and five grandchildren at that time, but they were all living in different states.

When a friend of mine told me about the gospel of grace that you preached, I felt I had to listen to it. I had a missing father when I was growing up and I had always found it hard to believe that our heavenly Father could truly love me. That changed when I read Destined To Reign and my Bible, and watched your show every day.

I began to speak the Word over myself and started feeling Abba’s love for me. I spoke over myself that my best days were ahead of me. I am now restored in a way I had never believed possible!

I am happy to report that God has restored a love into my life and extended my family as well! I have married a wonderful man and am very happy. God has truly turned my mourning into dancing. Hallelujah! Our God truly loves and provides for His children. May the Lord continue to bless you and your family as well as your ministry!

Cherrie Henning | Nebraska, United States

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