Praise Report: Restoration Of Relationship With Daughter Through Communion

Thank you for the teaching on Health And Wholeness Through The Holy Communion. When I watched your broadcast and heard about the woman who received healing from a swelling in her body, I remembered I already had your book on the Holy Communion. I read it and the Lord led me to partake of the Holy Communion for my daughter, Gabby. Two years ago, at twenty-one, Gabby moved out against my wishes to live with a man she had just met. Their relationship quickly turned abusive, but instead of returning home, she moved in with another friend. She wouldn’t give me her address. She would only call every few months. I was totally distraught, fearing what might happen to her.

So I began partaking of the Communion for the situation. Within three months, Gabby began calling. A week ago, the doorbell rang. There was Gabby with her belongings. She had come home! Bless the Lord. Our relationship has been restored!

The Lord’s Supper is now an important part of my arsenal against Satan! Who knew it was always there? Every single day, I thank the Lord for Joseph Prince Ministries. Not only has my understanding of the kingdom been illuminated, I no longer dread the future!

Letticia Perry | Texas, United States

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