Praise Report: Received Job Offer Two Weeks After Prayer

I was unemployed for about three years after my second boy was born. While listening to Pastor Prince preach about asking God for not just a job but a position, I finally had the courage and faith to do so. I prayed, “Position me, Lord.”

I also invited God to take His place in my life as a good Father who loves to bless and supply all my needs.

In less than two weeks, a university friend, whom I had not spoken to in a while, gave me a phone call. She said I came to her mind when she urgently needed to find a replacement for a colleague who was leaving her department. She said I fitted the job profile.

When I heard that I was speechless. Truly, all I needed to succeed in this job hunt was the Lord. Grace is indeed a person and His name is Jesus!

God bless you, Pastor Prince, for teaching me about the grace of God and how to rest in Him.

Petrescu Diana | Romania


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