Praise Report: Received Jesus and thyroid level fell back to normal

On August 2020, I was diagnosed with hypothyroidism after being admitted to the emergency room for a panic attack. According to the doctors, my thyroid-stimulating hormone (TSH) level was extremely high. A normal TSH level is between 0.5 to 4, but mine was at 9. Subsequently, I sought treatment from a specialist and was prescribed with some medication which I was told that most patients would have to take for life.

I was disheartened when the doctor explained the symptoms of my condition which included chronic fatigue, poor memory, weight gain, anxiety and depression. He also shared that having a TSH level of 9 meant that it would be nine times more challenging for me to lose weight as compared to a normal person.

At that point of time, I had not received Jesus as my Saviour. So, my mum encouraged me to tune in to Pastor Prince’s sermons. Though I found peace during the sermons, I still found myself struggling with the symptoms. I ended up seeing a psychiatrist, and was diagnosed with anxiety disorder and depression. On November 2020, I was admitted to the emergency room again due to hyperventilation.

That day, I decided to seek help from God by loading up a sermon video by Pastor Prince. I was eventually discharged as my blood tests came out fine. From then on, I was convinced that God was telling me there is nothing wrong with my health. The very next day, when I was alone and had the feeling of falling into another panic attack, a voice told me, “You cannot break this panic attack cycle by yourself. Let God fight this battle for you.” From that moment, I decided to receive Jesus as my Saviour and began listening to sermons every Sunday and partake the holy Communion daily. The more I listened to Pastor Prince’s sermons, the more I am assured that I can cast my worries on God and let Him fight my battles.

Two months later, I went back for a check-up and discovered that my TSH level had dropped. But I still had issues with my weight which the doctor suspected was due to some hormonal complications. So, I was sent for another blood test. Despite hearing all that, I believed that I was already healed, and continued to partake of the holy Communion and feed on God’s Word.

On 8 April 2021, I went for the follow-up, and my TSH level drop further down to 2! The blood test report also confirmed that my hormones were perfectly fine too! But most importantly, for the first time in years, I lost weight! Hallelujah!

Cadence Chua | Singapore

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