Praise Report: Received Dream Job with Above-Average Salary

After moving to a new state due to marriage, I was unable to find a job suitable for me. When I told my husband about not being able to find a job, he told me to be still and know that the Lord is God. He had total peace about me staying at home.

I stayed at home for almost a year, being a good wife by taking care of my husband, praying over my household, reading the Word, and watching sermons. Six months later, I still heard nothing regarding a job. Moreover, my desire to look for a job just disappeared completely, while my hunger to seek God increased.

I began to get deeper into the Word. I returned to the Word of God every time I felt condemnation and guilt for not doing enough about my job-search. I stopped asking God for something and started just being thankful that I could live every day with Him and that my family and I were able to live on a single income.

The Lord gave me joy in honoring and respecting my husband and just spending time with Him when my husband was at work. Slowly, I learned to hear God’s voice and received complete peace about my situation.

One day, an old friend I hadn’t seen in almost a year asked to meet for coffee. After we met, she called me to ask if I wanted a job in her company’s accounting department—exactly what I was looking for. She asked me to send my résumé to her and said nothing was promised yet as she would have to speak to her manager.

The next day, she told me that I got the job and there was no need for an interview since there was already an informal one when we met for coffee. I received a full-time job with a salary above average for the position! My office is also located right in front of my husband’s office. All glory goes to God!

Aliya Stephens | Colorado, United States

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