Praise Report: Received a Favorable Job Offer After Looking to Jesus

Even though I was happy with my work, I had the feeling that my efforts were not appreciated, and that I deserved better remuneration. I had this in my mind for more than six months, and I started getting more frustrated with my employment. This led me to apply for other jobs, but despite having all the necessary qualifications and experience, I did not receive any positive responses. That’s when I started relying on God’s Word and trusted in the Lord as my provider.

I was listening to Pastor Prince’s sermons from the album Work Not Required—Discover Why Righteousness Is a Gift. God revealed to me that Jesus is the only reason we are accepted before God and the only reason favor and blessings are attracted to us. With this revelation, I believed that I could not be rejected anymore, as Jesus was rejected in my place at the cross.

That same day, I received a call for an interview from one of the prestigious organizations in Colombo. I went for the interview but I was not confident that I would get the job, as there were many other candidates. However, I knew that I could not be rejected anymore, as Jesus is my victory.

Two days later, I was informed that I was selected for the position. When the offer was made, the package was higher than what I had expected and it included many other perks. Praise God! He is faithful to His promises, and as Pastor Prince explained, Jesus is the only reason we can attract blessings.

Thank you, Pastor Prince, for preaching the gospel and changing lives around world. I came to know you and your ministry six years ago through a daily devotional message sent by a friend. From that day onward, I began reading your daily devotionals and listening to your sermons, and I have encountered many miracles, healings, and breakthroughs. My husband and I visited your church in 2017 and we were so blessed!

Anonymous | Sri Lanka

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