Praise Report: Protected In A Truck Accident

I’ve been a Christian all my life, but have been in the “wilderness” for more than 10 years. One day, my mom led me to your broadcast program, Destined To Reign, which is on Shine TV here in New Zealand. At first, I didn’t really get what you were saying, but over the next few months, listening to you really started to pay off. Now, we can’t wait for your program to come on at 6.30pm, so that we can have our half hour of power preaching.

Recently, on a stormy Sunday night, I was driving a heavy truck with a trailer unit. The wind was so strong that it made driving very difficult. At about 8.45pm, I was coming down a hill when a sudden gust of wind blew me off the road and onto the soft grass.

The whole unit came across the road sideways as I struggled to gain control of my vehicle. I thought that I was going to die as the side of the hill was approaching fast and I was going to hit it head on. I only had a split second to react and I called out, “JESUS!”

Well, the truck and trailer crashed into the bank, landed on their sides and ended up facing the wrong way on the opposite side of the road. They were a complete write off. But praise Jesus, I DIDN’T HAVE ONE SCRATCH ON MY BODY!

Those who have seen the wreck cannot believe that I survived the accident without so much as a scratch. You can’t imagine how it feels to be so close to death. I now thank Jesus every day for protecting me. I also want to thank you, Joseph Prince, for sharing the message of grace and what Jesus has done for me.

Ross Forbes | New Zealand

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