Praise Report: Protected From Two Serious Injuries At Work

I can’t even begin to explain how Joseph Prince’s teachings on Psalm 91 and praying powerful prayers are transforming me. I am overwhelmed with gratitude about my heavenly Father’s faithfulness toward me as I write this.

While working as a window washer, I would listen to Joseph Prince’s teaching series entitled Truths From Psalm 91—God’s Promise of Protection Revealed. As soon as I finished listening to them, I would replay them all over again.

One particular week, two accidents occurred where God’s protection was evident.

The first accident happened when I was helping my boss fix one of our ladders with the help of an electric grinder.

I thought I should wear safety goggles but just as I took a step to get them, my boss switched on the electric grinder and that immediately sent a piece of aluminum shrapnel flying toward the inside corner of my eye.

But even though the metal piece was hot and sharp, it only left me with a minor burn and cut. The wound healed the next day.

Two days later, I was working on the back roof of a house when a piece of my equipment began to roll off. I tried to catch it but ended up slipping and falling off the roof.

It happened so fast and before I knew it, I somehow landed on some grass, did a roll, and ended up back on my feet!

I don’t know how I managed to clear the back patio that was fifteen feet wide and the fence that was eight feet high! I had fallen at least eighteen feet from the roof but no bones were broken. I wasn’t even sore from the fall.

I believe God had protected me and will always continue watching over me.

Andrew | Washington, United States


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