Praise Report: Protected From Robbery By Jesus’ Mighty Name

Last month, I read a Joseph Prince Meditate & Believe Right devotional and learned that the name “Jesus” is Yeshua in Hebrew, which means “salvation.” That reminded me of how I was protected years ago when I used His mighty name.

At that time, I was going to Chinatown in Jakarta, Indonesia, with my older sister in a public transport. It was a hot and quiet afternoon and only two of us were in the vehicle.

Out of the blue, a man jumped into the vehicle and grabbed my gold necklace. I was shocked by what happened but I wrestled with him while my sister shouted at him, asking him to release my necklace.

In the middle of that confusing and scary situation, I suddenly shouted “tuhan Yesus tolong,” meaning “Jesus, please help me.” Very quickly, that man released his hand off my necklace and jumped off the vehicle in fear.

Until today, I can still remember the fearful look on the man’s face when I called out Jesus’ name. He jumped off the car looking so scared, as if he’d seen something frightening!

Jesus is a mighty name! It’s the name that kept me safe from being robbed!

Monica Khoe | Canada

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