Praise Report: Protected from Infectious Diseases Through Partaking of Communion

Some time ago, I was experiencing fear of judgment and condemnation. I asked the Lord to reveal His love to me and bring me into the knowledge of His love that casts out all fears. Soon after, I watched Joseph Prince preach and was led to listen to more of his messages. I believe that was God’s answer to my request.

I got Pastor Prince’s book and messages on the holy Communion and began partaking of it daily. I am a doctor and whenever I felt the tickle of a sore throat after seeing my patients, I would be worried that I’d been exposed to an infectious agent.

This became more frequent over the past few weeks. Each time I felt the slightest tickle, I would partake of the holy Communion. The next day, I’d wake up feeling completely well! The cold never had the chance to establish itself in my body.

In Pastor Prince’s book, I had read about how when Jesus touched the man with leprosy, the leprosy didn’t come upon Him as the unclean became clean through His presence. When I read this, I realized that because I walk as Jesus did, when I touch sick patients, they become clean by my hands! No matter how contagious their illnesses are, I cannot be infected. Instead, my health in Christ comes upon them instead.

I recalled how the Lord had protected me from being infected with HIV and tuberculosis when I was working with patients in places that did not have adequate personal protective equipment. Every time I had reason to be tested, my blood tests came back clean.

My migraine headaches and fearful heart palpitations have also gone away. My son and husband have experienced various healings after partaking of the holy Communion as well!

Today I am growing in confidence in God’s love for me and in the completeness of His grace that casts out all my fears. Glory to God for His mighty love and works in our lives!

Anonymous | Missouri, United States