Praise Report: Protected From Harm During Tyre Blowout

One morning in January, I watched a sermon by Pastor Joseph Prince titled, Protection From Danger, Accidents And Diseases, on iTBN. As I listened to the message, the verses from Psalm 91:11–12 jumped out at me: “For he shall give his angels charge over thee, to keep thee in all thy ways. They shall bear thee up in their hands, lest thou dash thy foot against a stone.”

Pastor Prince explained that God’s protection is upon us as we go about our daily lives and that He would remove dangers that are in our paths. Little did I know that God was already at work that day, preparing my path.

During my lunch break, I had originally planned to drive to a restaurant about seven miles from my office. However, I changed my plan and decided to pick up a sandwich just two miles away. While driving to my destination, I heard a loud noise coming from my car. Later, I discovered that one of my tires was completely flat—the loud noise must have been this tire exploding.

I quickly called my dad to ask him for help. While waiting for him, I had the opportunity to sit down for lunch at the restaurant. To most people, this incident would have ruined their day, but for some reason, I felt an immense peace from God. I knew this peace came from God because I had prayed Philippians 4:7 over myself that morning.

I also remembered Pastor Prince’s message on protection that I had heard earlier that morning and realized that God had protected me from danger and accidents. I had been traveling all weekend and at one point I was well over thirty miles away from home. Had my tire punctured then, I would have been far way from the help of my dad. If it had happened while I was traveling to and from work during peak-hour traffic, it could have caused a major accident. But God’s hand of protection was on me and He truly looked out for me.

As I had to make sure I returned to work on time, I asked a co-worker to come pick me up. By the time my dad and brother arrived to take over my car, my co-worker had arrived to pick me up in a nice convertible. God got me back to work on time and in style! This is the amazing God we serve!

The writer has requested to remain anonymous | Arizona, United States

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