Praise Report: Protected From Harm After Being Kicked And Thrown Ten Feet By Horse

I’ve been a horseshoer for forty years. I drive long distances on busy interstates. Some of the horses I work on can also be very dangerous.

Because of this, my wife and I decided to start praying Psalm 91 over me before I leave for work each morning.

We learned the value of this prayer from years of listening to the CDs and television broadcasts of Joseph Prince. Recently, the Lord saved me from a potentially serious accident when I was in a barn shoeing some very large horses during a heavy downpour. I was working on shoeing a horse’s hind feet when the horse owner’s wife walked in with her umbrella open and put it down facing the horse.

This caused the horse to have an explosive reaction with his back legs that threw me ten feet across the aisle of the barn. The owner was horrified when she saw what had happened to me.

Because of the distance and the fact that I was thrown onto a hard concrete floor, I expected to at the very least be sore the next day. However, I suffered no injuries to my body and even felt fine the following day to return to horseshoeing as usual.

It was evident to me that God’s angels had protected me from the 1,500-pound horse’s flying hooves and the hard landing on the concrete floor. I know that God has preserved me many times, but this incident stands out as sure evidence that He protected me.

Pastor Prince, thank you for your ministry of grace and encouragement. We record all your broadcasts and watch them daily.

Mike Spitzer | Virginia, United States

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