Praise Report: Protected From Falling Concrete

On a recent Saturday morning, I read the first chapter of Pastor Prince’s new book, The Prayer of Protection, on his website. After reading it, I felt a great sense of peace and protection surrounding me. Then, I read Psalm 91 in my Bible. Verses eleven and twelve stood out for me—they kept coming up in my spirit.

That afternoon, as I stepped out of my house, an entire piece of concrete fell off a balcony and landed just behind me. I turned around in shock and saw big chunks of concrete where I had just passed through a second ago. If they had fallen on me, I would have suffered fatal injuries. But nothing happened to me and not a speck of dust was found on me. Praise the Lord!

As the incident caused a loud thud, neighbors and workers in the area rushed over to see what had happened. One of them remarked that time was on my side, while another said I had been lucky. I smiled and said it was all purely by the grace of my God that I remained unharmed.

Thank you, Pastor Prince, for helping me discover God’s amazing love and grace. I also used to smoke twenty cigarettes a day, but after hearing your sermons on YouTube, I hardly smoke now. I look forward to the day where I will be completely free from this addiction.

Thank you and may God bless you, your family, and your ministry.

Samuel Ezra Chakkaravarthy | India

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