Praise Report: Protected from Explosion at Work

I was working for a chrome production company as a plater and welder artisan. One day while doing maintenance on the furnace system, we had to do repairs on a pipe. We removed one section of the pipe for modification and placed it about 6 meters away from the main pipe we were working on.

I was the last artisan chosen to work on the pipe piece removed for modification. Before the repair work started, I’d prayed for the Lord to keep us safe because the area was well known for having unexpected explosions in the system. I tried to finish the modifications as soon as I could but I made a mistake with pipe sizing and brought it to the foreman’s attention.

I remember asking the Lord why His favor didn’t flow today and why I made the mistake. At that moment, Romans 8:2 came to mind. While I was busy, my team members moved to where I was working on the pipe piece and helped me to finish it. No one was at the main pipe that was connected to the system.

Suddenly, there was a big explosion at the main pipe! All our equipment close to the main pipe was shifted meters away by the blast and some of it was even burned. The Lord knew what the blast could have done to us if we had been there. I then realized the Lord had allowed for the mistake to happen in order to keep us at a safe distance from the blast.

Indeed, all things work together for the good of those who are in Christ. Glory to God!

Andre Malgas | South Africa

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