Praise Report: Protected from COVID-19, Daughter Blessed in Studies and Internship

My place where I live was one of the worst hit cities in China by the COVID-19 virus. During this period, I held fast to Pastor Prince’s teachings on Psalm 91, and strongly believed that the blood of Jesus was covering my family. We would partake of the holy Communion daily and anoint our house with anointing oil.

My daughter, who is studying in France, happened to be residing in the COVID-19 hot spot. We also shared with her Pastor Prince’s sermons. Whenever I felt worried about her safety, I would pray and would immediately feel God’s peace. Praise the Lord! No one in my family was infected with COVID-19.

During this time, my daughter graduated and went on to apply for a Master’s degree at a French university. Initially, she thought that she had failed the tough interview. I assured her that God is for her and if this school would not have her, God has prepared another better one for her. A week later, she was offered a space in the university!

Then, she hoped to find an internship to fund her studies. After sending out her résumé, she was told by her friends not to get her hopes up as many businesses have been badly affected during this season. When she started to worry, I reminded her that God’s grace flows in worry-free areas. I also encouraged her that she has a special favor on her life because she is God’s child, and that He will put her at the right place at the right time.

On the fifth day, the company called her up for an interview and offered her the job after that. Besides paying for her tuition fees, they would also give her a monthly salary with commission, as well as subsidies for her lodging! In total, she would get a seven-figure sum that is five times the income that we had lost during this pandemic. This is God’s restoration!

In the beginning of the year, when Pastor Prince shared about this year being the Year of Time and Space, I was ready to receive all the blessings that God has in store for us. And God has indeed blessed us! All glory to Jesus!

Wu Hong Yu | China

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